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AFSB tech questions

Dear admin,
I have two questions. somebody plz reply to it asap.
1) I read that AFSB test duration is changed to 6 days. Conference happens on 6th day. someone please confirm this info. and tell me how the schedule has been changed? Plz tell me as im going for AFSB on 30th sept. Please help.
2) What kind of technical questions IO asks in AFSB? I have applied for tech branch. I am aware with navy questions. They were mostly related with ship. Tell me few which are asked in AFSB.
Please reply….

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    For AFSB agenda, the best thing is to check your call letter, you will get all the details.

    Tech questions can be from anywhere but mostly related to your stream and Indian air force. So it is difficult to say what can be asked there.

    I suggest you one thing, at AFSB just ask other aspirants who have attended interview before you, this will give you some idea in advance.

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