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My BMI is 29. Does it make me ineligible for AFCAT SSB (Ground Duty branch)?


I have given AFCAT 02/2015 exam and as per keys available on net my score is 175, so i m expecting SSB call. If i got selected it will be my first ever SSB so i want you to please clear some queries of mine.

  1. My BMI is 29, i filled ground duty as a preference, so will be affect my SSB. As i have read somewhere that if they found you to be overweight than they will kick you out on 1st day.

  2. As this will be my 1st SSB so do i need to take coaching as i am not aware of procedures and “things to do” points. If my BMI is not a problem than please suggest me some coachings.

Thanking you in anticipation.


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    BMI is fine I guess
    and take coaching if u want to have to first hand experience..but be yourself in ssb..dont turn into a different person after coaching..its just to know..not to learn

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