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my father is moved away from my family can i say it in ssb interview? . please don’t mention my details during publishing.

Dear admin first of all i want to say thanks for your guidance through ssb crack.
and now want to ask a solution to my problem that my mother and my siblings moved away from from my father because of his sadism(drunkard) to my grand farher’s home . my maternal uncle helped me upto my +2 education and then my brother, can i express the same to the IO during the interview?. because last time i am not told it the IO as they may thought that i am looking for the the sympathy, which i actually not wanted from my childhood( i did my schooling upto 10th in government hostels, n because of merit i got my +2 education at free of cost), so during IO i lied him,but he traced me later i came to know that by analysis. Can i say the truth in next ssb interview?. can you please help me at this point.

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    First of all why did you lie or thinking or lying when there is not fault of yours. This says that you are hiding things and a not clear or confident person.
    This thing is sad but you can show this as one of the qualities of yours, as you have faced so many problems due to this but you are happy and confident and doing what you wanted to do.

    Never hide this, but do not tell this to IO as if you are looking for sympathy. You may face questions like why you have not stopped your dad, or what you have done to tackle this problem, how did you helped your mother etc. So be true and confident.

    all the best.
    take care


    appi reddy
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