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Want to join Indian Army, Born Aug, 28th 1992.

Dear Indian’s,

A humble request for assistance in realizing my dream of becoming an officer in the Indian Army.

I always had a passion for getting into services, especially Army, but this passion was abandoned as I had error in both my eyes to range of -7/-8. I recently had a successful LASIK eye correction and am enjoying a complete and stable vision in both my eyes for over 7months.

My educational Qualification:
Graduation : Bachelor if Management Studies ( Mumbai University) – 52%
Post Graduation : Masters of Management Studies – Marketing( Mumbai University) – 80%

Age: Born – August 28th, 1992

No other physical or mental ailment.

I would request assitance in understanding how should I pursue my dream, as I recently understood that am eligible for OTA through CDSE.

Looking forward to valuable insights and guidance.

Yours Faithfully,

Arun Raj S. Pillai

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