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Info about IAF UES ??

UES IAF is for 3rd years or final years ?? when wil the release the notification ?? what kind of test will be conducted - pavin...

asked: 1584 days 17 hrs 33 mins ago by Pavin [ 0 ] in

Regarding TGC Course at IMA

Upon completion of TGC at IMA is it possible to be alloted to Infantry/ Armoured/ Artillery divisions of the ARMY? Or officers will be only alloted to the Engi...

asked: 1585 days 20 hrs 27 mins ago by stunning_rookie [ 0 ] in

About physical strength for Air force

Dear sir, I want to join Airforce technical branch.So for this very good physical strength is required..? I'm pure vegetarian.Can i sustain stress there..??...

asked: 1587 days 37 mins ago by Niru [ 0 ] in