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HI. I have been called for TGC-118. But i am overweight than prescribed limit. Am i able to attend the exam??? Someone please reply with confirm data.... Than...

asked: 1816 days 23 hrs 52 mins ago by vivek prasath [ 0 ] in

How to lose weight!!

I have my AFCAT-SSB in December. I check their BMI Standards according to which I need to loss 5 kgs. So please suggest me how should I loss extra weight!!...

asked: 1819 days 7 hrs 17 mins ago by pie13 [ 0 ] in

problem in medical test

hello sir, Thank you for your answer again this is chandrakanth already i asked you one question for hemorrhoids(pills) in medical test in Indian coast guard, ...

asked: 1827 days 5 hrs 22 mins ago by chandrakanth [ 5 ] in