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mark of burn surgery on left elbow

I would like to ask that if someone is having a mark of burn surgery on left elbow than is he fit for armed forces especially for flying. thanks....

asked: 1753 days 4 hrs 23 mins ago by Mohit Tyagi [ 0 ] in

Appeal medical board

Sir I went through medicals in IAM,IAF in Bangalore where I got temporary rejection for ENT dysfunction. My appeal medical board is in Delhi on 21 Oct. But till...

asked: 1754 days 10 hrs 57 mins ago by niekal [ 0 ] in


i cleared AFCAT 2/2103 and my SSB is scheduled in January. i have a tattoo on my neck (back side, lower..not visible in polo tshirt and shirts). will i be facin...

asked: 1755 days 9 hrs 22 mins ago by Prashast Singh [ 0 ] in